Cecelia Arthur works as a forensic analyst with the Quincy PD, or more often with the Boston PD.

She is also a mage.

Adopting the name of Morrigan she formed a cabal with Lira Hennessy, a perfect match of Cecelia’s money and Lira’s secluded beach house.

Three more mages came to join the cabal through various ways.

Benjamin Kent, brother of that charming radio host Carl Kent, works as a police psychiatrist and his path crossed that of Cecelia. Morrigan calls him Ben for short.

Anthony Licavoli was already a “friend” of Lira’s, although the two seem on frostier terms now than before. Ah yes. They must’ve slept together. Oh well…

And then there’s Jack. A hobo-like traveller with not a cent to his name. Cody Gunn was Awakened in Quincy and I took him into our cabal. Quite magnanimous of me really…


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