Boston Consilium

The Boston Consilium governs over all of the Mages in and around Boston.

There are many Cabals watched over by the Consilium, but the most prominent pair are the Ebon Noose and the White Putnams, both with high-ranking Consilium members in their Cabals.

Other Cabals controlled by the Boston Consilium are: The Shadow Chorus, the Dead Wrens, Knights of the Gryphon, the Gravediggers, the Brotherhood of the Ineffable Truth and the Sanguine Laurel

The Boston Consilium uses Cormant House as a base of operations. It is a mansion donated to Salem by the Ebon Noose and is often seen as a conflict of interest to other Cabals by being part of their legacy. The mansion’s public profile is that of a particularly uninteresting museum, which is the exact reason behind why the Consilium use it to hold meetings once a month.

Hierarch (Provost: The Nemean (Chain Parris)

Councilor (Provost): Hydra (Reigna)

Councilor (Provost): Numa (Ranae)

Councilor (Provost): Potestas (Aurem)

Herald: Arathnos

Sentinel: Anacaona de Xaragua

Sentinel: Eve

Sentinel: Ferrum

Sentinel: Hades

Sentinel: Nebuchadnezzar

Sentinel: Tiamat

Boston Consilium

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