Tag: Spirit


  • Anne-Marie

    The Lust Spirit found its way to the St. Stephen, a boat where the New England Libertine Society were hosting an event. She became a popular guest, and then a co-hostess for the events, making them weekly instead of monthly. Despite trying to persuade …

  • Sloth

    Too lazy to find a home inside a person, the Sloth Spirit possessed a Hallow in a baseball pitch. The Cabal overcame its soporific powers and placed it in a sock. The Cabal later dispelled the Spirit by taking turns jogging with the sock on.

  • Greed

    This handbag is responsble for the death of a Mage. One of the smarter Vice Spirits, Greed imitated Tony and started working at reclaiming the relationship Tony had given up with the Licavolis. He was caught dumping a body and decided to turn it into …

  • Lust

    Originally Anne-Marie, the Lust Spirit spent more time in the physical world than the others. Because of this, it couldn't dematerialise before being put into a condom as a custom soul jar.

  • Wrath

    The Wrath Spirit was placated being put into the tranquilised Amelia for a time, but it escaped when she killed herself. It possessed Nick Sharp, while urging the population of a park. The Wrath Spirit was eventually placed in the gun Amelia killed …