Tag: Silver Ladder


  • The Nemean

    Member of the [[Ebon Noose]], Hierarch of Boston. A [[Thyrsus]] member of the [[Silver Ladder]]. It is well known that he started life at the lowest run of the ladder and worked his way up to his current status. He cuts a leonine presence and has a …

  • Ebon Noose

    A neo-Pagan cabal. One of the oldest in the Boston area. Their sanctum is The Covenant, in [[Salem]]. Members include: * [[Anacaona de Xaragua]] * [[The Nemean]] * Tiamat * Arathnos - Consilium Rep * Ahriman * Sheol * Chaplain * …

  • White Putnams

    A Christian cabal based in Boston. [[The Putnam Estate]] is their sanctum in Back Bay. Members include: * [[Chain Parris]] * Moriah * Simon * Magdalina * Sophia * Silentium * Raphaella

  • Amelia

    Amelia was a fiery young member of the Silver Ladder and a messenger from South Carolina until she drove too near Quincy. She was possessed by the Wrath Spirit and went on a vicious spree of attacks. She was stopped by the cabal local to Quincy, but they …