Few are as good at something as they think they are. I am.


Virtue: Temperance

Vice: Pride

  • Death 3
  • Matter 2
  • Spirit 1
  • Exorsist’s Eye (spirit 1)
  • Grim Sight (death 1)
  • Quicken Corpse (death 3)
  • Unseen Aegis (matter 2)
  • High Speech 1
  • Resources 4
  • Status (Adamantine Arrow) 1

Cecelia Arthur is a mage. And a very good one at that.

It’s okay for her to say so. Because it’s true.

Alongside Lira Hennessy she started a cabal in Quincy, and they’ve taken three more mages under their wings. Well. Cecelia’s wings.

It’s not like Lira has much besides that beach house of hers. And Ben, Tony and Jack are about as random a bunch of people you’ll ever meet.

But they’re all like family now. So you can’t complain too much really…

So she’ll keep doing what she does. Work as a forensics analyst with the police, and babysit three hobos and a princess. 24/7.


Gloria Mundi Majushi