Gloria Mundi

Siren's Song

This session was always going to be a touchy subject. It even says so in the book. My group has a very different threshold between them, so I knew I’d have to go a lot of the way with the story, but at the same time be considerate of some group members. This is probably not the first time someone in my group has beaten someone with a dildo, so I knew we’d probably go into some random places.

The biggest problem was with proactivity. Between the amount of time in-game since the last session, and the issue of trusting players to be proactive in what they do… We started a little slow.


The session begins with the group re3capping what they’ve been up to. Jack and Tony have been misbehaving, Niamh’s been using “looking for the lust spirit” as a reason to hit the clubs, Morrigan and Benny have jobs, damn it. A course of action’s decided when the group try to get rid of the existing spirits. Wrath’s a touchy subject and the group are torn between killing her, putting her into a mental home, giving her anger management courses and sending her to a nunnery. Adam’s been out of contact for a month or so, and Amelia’s somewhere in Quincy, and contactable. The group have a few things they could have done (Tony’s Dream merit and Jack’s three favours) but haven’t yet. Still, they decide to pass time with the nearer issues of the Envy and Sloth spirits. Understanding that Adam and Chain suggested embodying the antithesis and then destroying the item, they started planning what to do. Envy was already talking to Jack again, telling him that he should take Benny’s food, how dare he have so much, he didn’t need it. Jack went off to deal with that while the grown-ups planned. The Envy-infested car radio was always playing Benny’s smarter, better older brother, a radio show host. It was decided he was to phone in and reconcile with his brother. There was a tearful reconciliation over the phone which drove the spirit crazy, only to get destroyed by Tony’s blackjack a moment later. Sloth was more difficult. It was an argyle sock and initially, Niamh thought she’d go for a run in it. She got to the door before collapsing. Tony, much to her annoyance, took the sock and ran. About a hundred yards. The group started the strangest relay race ever, running from ten to a hundred yards before sloth took over, getting better and better as they went, then they burned the sock.

So now what? Looking at police records, Benny and Morrigan (him with contacts, her without) found out about a prostitution sting which turned out to be a sex party on a boat in Boston. Names were kept out of the loop, but more poking between the group found the boat, The Sir Stephen. More research found the connection between Chain Parris and Gilbert Lancaster, the owner of the boat. Their reactions went from “typical priest” to “now we know his true name and where he lives” to “we should speak with Chain”. Their curfew was allowed to pass, letting them in to meet Chain and Gil. The group ingratiated themselves to him easily, Niamh’s flirting and Tony picking up a waitress and going into a back room at the cafe during the meeting. They got their invites and we had a montage of them preparing, both oblations and clothing.

The big night arrived and the group boated to the Boston Harbour docks. They entered the Sir Stephen with Tony trying (unsuccessfully) to smuggle his blackjack on board. Tony saw his cousin (“Hey Tony, eeees your cuziiiin!” Yeah, we’re GTA fans) who was saying about the family being on the rise again, and good for them. The others made their way to the ballroom after the exposition from Cousin Paulie about the layout. They decided that the hired dominatrix in the dungeon’s probably the spirit. The group… get distracted. Jack absconds with twins. Benny tries participating in group sex with some men, but is too self-hating to join them. Morrigan finds a whip, a leash and a weedy guy to help be her cover while she wanders about. Niamh sees a vampire in a private room with an open door. He’s draining some girl and Niamh decides it’s best to leave him alone, closing the door. The group (in and out of character) know vampires exist and while they don’t know specifics, knew to keep away from them. Tony interrupts what he thinks is a rape but turns out to be very rough play between a married couple. As the others near the dungeon, Niamh follows lines of spirit energy going from most rooms to the locked group room. The guards are easily convinced to let her in, especially because she looks like Anne-Marie and what’s better than one of her? Two, of course. The room is aquatic-themed (being a clone of Niamh, after all) and huge. Anne-Marie, looking like a red-haired Niamh, is being massaged by a pair of guards while another few await instructions. The group find their way to the room where Anne-Marie is trying to persuade Niamh to join her, to take this act on the road (Vegas, baby, Vegas). Tony cuts the stem of the Essence going to Anne-Marie, but not enough. Morrigan hangs her weedy guy in the bedroom’s shower as he’s just getting in the way. The group try to talk Anne-Marie down, but they try to stop all sex from going on in the room and the boat (Morrigan setting out to trigger sprinklers) which is opposite to one of her bans. Now it’s over I can say that she’s unable to act when other people are screwing in front of her, also if she’s reminded she’s a spirit. The back and forth between Niamh and Anne-Marie comes so close to reminding her about being a spirit, I had my pencil on the tick-box for her Essence. Not once, damn it. Still, we’re back in the room. Tony is focussing on stopping the flow of Essence, Morrigan’s off looking to set off the sprinklers (although it’s argued that it would have a mixed effect rather than stopping everyone outright). Niamh finds the vampire heading towards the group room and takes the opportunity. Morrigan tries using Death to persuade him to go in there and sleep with Anne-Marie while Niamh uses Life to make Anne-Marie appear more appealing, more ‘full of life’. The vampire, Colin, doesn’t need persuading and goes along. Niamh runs ahead, saying about changing wigs (to a red one). She hides in the bathroom in Anne-Marie’s room and waits for the inevitable, as the vampire drains the spirit. What ensued was a bizarre threesome, as Jack, a vampire, and a lust-spirit made to look like another member of the group, all go at it until the vampire tries feeding. Anne-Marie bleeds light into his face, scaring and annoying him. He threatens Jack who hits him with a dildo and jams it into his fangs, to try and stop him from being a threat. The vampire’s understandably annoyed “Do you know where this has been?” and fights back as Anne-Marie tries to escape. Grabbing anything for a soul jar, Niamh grabs a condom from a basket in the bathroom, channels it in and Morrigan makes the sprinklers go off. People do or don’t leave, and the group flee with the people who are getting off the boat, picking up the confiscated blackjack, giving their cards to the vampire (as he seemed like a laugh) and boating back with a condom full of evil. Says it all, really.



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