Gloria Mundi


Are we sitting comfortably?

Quincy is a small town near Boston, home of ancient and mysterious cabals of Mages.

A cabal is a small group, normally of four or more Mages, each working together for their own good, and the good of the Consilium, the Mage government.

This cabal is no different, although they have yet to think of a name for themselves. All but one have taken their shadow names from Irish mythology.

Ogma, named after the god of eloquence and learning. A therapist by trade, the Watchtowers deemed him to be Magistos, a master of the mind and of space itself. He is part of the Guardians of the Veil, sworn to keep magic secret from society, at any cost.

Tyrrhenus, named after one of the brothers who founded the Etruscan cities. Formerly a petty criminal, now he’s working his way up the heirarchy of the Silver Ladder, a made man for the Obrimos, a path of light, elemental forces and the ability to control the flow of magic at its base level.

Morrigan, named for the Irish war goddess. She still works as a forensic specialist, in fact, it often gets her the resources and information she needs. As a Moros Mage, she can make death do what she wants and as a member of the Adamantine Arrow, she’s fine with using the dead as tools or weapons.

Jack, fate’s bitch, is a man who is just passing through, honestly. He won a man’s soul in a card game, one of many games of chance he takes part in as both part of the Acanthus mages and the Free Council. He is an adept at both fate and time-based magic.

Niamh shares her name with the daughter of an Irish water god. She is free-spirited and loves the sea. Her path of that of Thyrsus, nature mages. She is also a member of the Mysterium, who are dedicated to find out as much as they can about magic.

Despite their differences, these five have become friends and are the only official cabal in Quincy. They are currently staying in Niamh’s large beach house which has a hallow nearby for them to draw magic power from.

We begin on a Monday night in April…



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