Gloria Mundi

A Walk in the Park

This is our bonus session, making up for the death of Jack. I gave the player two options which would be the fastest: Take Amelia (already statted, Acanthus, invested in the plot) or Colin, the vampire (not statted, but the group like him and are willing to use him as a contact). He went with making a new Mage, who Awakens in Quincy and therefore is affected by the quarantine.

I made a relatively simple plot and went from there, especially when he said his Vice would be Wrath as no one else had it in the group. When I got that e-mail, I admit, I cackled a bit. I told him that he starts in a park. That’s it.


The nameless Cabal told me what they were doing to commiserate Jack’s death. They watched the films Jack wanted them to watch rather than go out and get killed. Maybe Fate was telling him that’s what he should have done.

Morrigan kept visiting the Hallow now that Jack’s infused to it. Niamh started seeing Benny for some mental help, as has Tony. They all went through his room, which was constructed mainly from found possessions and the group’s wallets, keys, clothing and so on.

Meanwhile, at the park, Nick Sharp collides with a jogger. An attractive red-haired woman who seems a bit out of sorts. She comments on the beauty of the day, refuses to take Nick’s card, then jogs off. Nick hears a gunshot nearby and goes to see. The woman, Amelia, is on a bench, her backpack with books on meditation and countless antipsychotic drugs spilling out of it. She’s sat there, gun in hand, having just shot herself in the head. Nick recoils at that, and sees a nearby couple throttling each other. Parents killing children, everyone attacking and killing everyone. Except him. Nick takes the phone he sees in Amelia’s bag (even though she told him she didn’t have one) and runs away, trying to call for help.

As fate would have it, he rings Naimh’s number, getting the beach house. Benny tries to scry for Amelia and sees her dead on the bench, people going berserk in the distance. Back in the park, Nick can’t get away, as the edges of the grass have some sort of invisible border around them. He flees.

It takes the group an hour to get to the park, and sod the Consilium’s rules with this kind of emergency. After a lot of lollygagging before, worrying about the Consilium, they ignore it and race off. Morrigan’s “no magic in the car” rule holds and she uses her normal wits to find the smartest route to the park, instead of having something blow up her car. Again.

The park has been shunted into Twilight when they arrive. The ghost realm, not the terrible book and film license, although ugh, being transported to that’s a horror story of its’ own. Morrigan opens a gateway and they enter, seeing the surviving families from the park are covered in blood and have gone feral. They find the body of Amelia and take the gun. The wrath-urged citizens attack, but Morrigan’s zombies hold some off and Tony uses a lighter and Forces to set one alight. That’s when they realise these are normal people and have to put him out. Benny’s emotional urging seems to stop the Wrath in them for a time, so they spam that.

Nearby, Nick’s on top of a gazebo, trying not to be noticed. He tries turning the ground under some wrath-urged into sand, but paradoxes and transmutes the Gazebo instead. This is going to be a theme for Nick. He uses it as cover and uses Forces to move it in a lump with him in, finally fleeing to the group. They have the customary introductions and try to work out where the Wrath spirit is, given that everyone except for Nick is raging out. Niamh realises it’s in Nick, then it travels into her and we get into the panic of “a player’s about to get possessed and kill another player”. I love that it’s become a genuine worry that this could happen. The Spirits are not just an idle threat, like when Sloth happened, but they could do terrible, terrible things. The group weaken the Spirit enough to contain it in the gun which killed Amelia. They postulate about whether, like the Greed Spirit in Jack, Amelia was forced to kill herself, or if she was really suicidal with being trapped away from home and drugged out of her mind.

Back at the beach house, Nick’s offered a room as he’s burned his house down by accident. A white Rolls turns up with Chain, making a rare visit while the quarantine stands. He doesn’t like the idea of being here, but there’s a new Mage in town and Sisyphus has been asking after the group, after Jack, specifically. Nick likes the idea of the Consilium and Chain suggests he speak to Tony as the group aren’t allowed out of the town, especially to the Consilium headquarters. We leave, as does Chain, after having the group ask after how his new car radio’s working out.



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